Select Reviews for books by Regina Sara Ryan

For Praying Dangerously

"Stands out as an almost mystical approach to prayer as communion with the divine. Ryan writes with passion and energy about what she calls transformational prayer, which seeks to annihilate the individual soul in favor of union with the Divine."—Publishers Weekly, Oct. 1, 2001.

"Ryan’s chapters provide a rounded intensive on the devotion path." —Spirituality and Health, 2001.

"This is a serious book, not one for the casual reader or casual pilgrim, but it is a stimulating work that will appeal to those interested in a deeper discussion and more profound prayer." —NAPRA Review, 2002

"Compelling, thoughtful, occasionally iconoclastic, and highly recommended for serious students of religion and spirituality,"—The Midwest Book Review, 200

For The Woman Awake

Finalist in Women’s Issues, for the 1999 Independent Publisher Book Awards.

"Ryan brings a balanced perspective to her reflections . . . Women and men will find this exceptional book thought-provoking."—Library Journal, July 1998

"Ryan looks into both the past and present as she strives to portray way in which women can awaken into new life." —Publishers Weekly, April 27, 1998

"This work offers vital insights for women of all ages, all backgrounds."—ForeWord Magazine, June 1998

"The Woman Awake is beautifully written, well-researched and very insightful."—Whole Life Times, May 1998

"A recommended addition to personal and women’s studies reading lists."—The Midwest Book Review, 199

For Wellness Workbook

Without a doubt, Wellness Workbook is the most valuable and useful resource on wellness ever written. It has often been said that there is, unfortunately, no manual for living—but this well-loved book comes pretty close."
—Meg Jordan, Ph.D., R.N., American Fitness magazine

For After Surgery, Illness or Trauma

"An empowering, health-active guide to many complex aspects of illness and recovery¾including some that doctors rarely acknowledge or understand. It belongs on the bookshelf next to books by Norman Cousins and Bernie Siegel. The perfect gift for an ailing friend. Highly recommended."
—Tom Ferguson, M.D., The Ferguson Report: The Newsletter.