Endorsements for Regina Sara Ryan

For Women Challenge the Lie

Milarepa, Tibetan yogi renowned through centuries for his joyous songs of spiritual freedom, said, "In our tradition we are not ashamed of ourselves." Rich with insight and love, this intimate, generous book will help you clear away self-negating habits of shaming and blaming, to open up hidden reserves of aspiration and joy. I especially resonate with the guidance for offering blessings, profligately throwing a luminous bridge across the treacherous Gully of Not Good Enough.  
—Barbara Du Bois, PhD, practitioner and teacher of Buddhadharma in the tradition of Milarepa.

Shinay and Regina address the deeper questions of existence and skillfully, through poignant and often humorous insight, invite us to examine the inner yearnings of our heart and soul's calling. A must read for those ready to disentangle from the social constraints of confused values and priorities ready to unfold a life of non-conformity and authenticity, in which we realize true self.   
Bhavani Maki, international yoga teacher; founder of Yoga Hanalei; author: The Yogi's Roadmap: Patanjali Yoga Sutra as a Journey to Self Realization

In all my teaching of women I consistently see the lack of confidence and trust that erodes women's abilities to bring their truth into the world with real effectiveness. This book, a unique collaborative perspective of an elder and young woman, presents remedies for the dis-ease of self-criticism and self-loathing that plagues the contemporary female psyche. Women, please take as directed . . . we need your wholeness more than ever!
Myosho Virginia Matthews, teacher of Zen meditation, and master teacher of contemporary dance and Pilates

For Praying Dangerously

Praying Dangerously is a brave book for brave people. But it is more: it gives those of us who are less brave in our prayer life than we'd like to be encouragement, guidelines, and wise advice. This is the book on prayer many have been waiting for.
—David Steindl-Rast, O.S.B., author Gratefulness, The Heart of Prayer and The Listening Heart.

This book is a feast for the soul, laid forth in abundance and beauty, from a table vast and weighty. This call to abandon the safe paths of comfortable piety and passionless pleading with God is one desperately needed in our time. These words deserve to be heard and carried in the hearts of dedicated seekers everywhere.
—Dorothy Walters, author, Marrow of Flame: Poems of the Spiritual Journey and Unmasking the Rose: An Account of a Kundalini Initiation.

A dramatic book, but neither sensationalistic nor self-advertising. Eschews prayer as mere self-help, but also says no to an "X-Games" of prayer by insisting on serious, daily commitment. A fine critical evaluation of the prayer of petition. Likely the most vivid rogues’ gallery of experts ever called to witness in a treatise on prayer ¾ with the author in her way the most credible. Recommended for all who sense that prayer, indeed faith, is more than just a feel-good exercise.
—James Redington, S.J., Woodstock Theological Center, Georgetown University; author, Vallabhacharya on the Love Games of Krishna and The Grace of Lord Krishna.

Regina Ryan is a mystic of the deepest and most loving kind. Tried and tested in the fire of holy love through years of practicing "dangerous prayer," her book lights the way for others. In Praying Dangerously, she raises a compelling question: ‘Do we really ever get somewhere in love?’ This gorgeous and challenging book is proof that we do.
—Mary Ford-Grabowsky, author, Prayers for All People and Sacred Voices: Essential Women's Wisdom through the Ages. 

In her wise, fierce, challenging book, Regina Sara Ryan helps restore to seekers on all paths the art of praying dangerously, and reveals its rewards of sacred passion and naked honesty, of surrender and of the capacity to celebrate fearlessly, even in the darkest fires of personal anguish or public apocalypse.
—Andrew Harvey, best-selling author of The Essential Mystics and Son of Man

For The Woman Awake

"This is important work—key questions, shared answers. Essential reading for any woman on a spiritual path." ­
—China Galland, author of The Bond Between Women, A Journey of Fierce Compassion; and Longing For Darkness, Tara and the Black Madonna.

"A compelling contribution to the new spiritual feminism that portrays not only women’s deep mystical capacities, but also the prophetic and compassionate work of women actively engaged in transforming society."
—Matthew Fox, author of Original Blessing, and The Coming of the Cosmic Christ.

"Deeply insightful, surcharged with love, the message of Regina Sara Ryan and these authentically spiritual women will wake you up! Don't let a precious opportunity pass by. Read this gorgeous book and be transformed."
—Timothy Conway, Ph.D., author of Women of Power and Grace: Nine Astonishing, Inspiring Luminaries of Our Time.

For Only God: A Biography of Yogi Ramsuratkumar

"Whitman’s words are true of Only God. Who reads this book experiences Yogi Ramsuratkumar. More than a biography, Only God is itself a book of wisdom, a repository not only of this beggar’s life, but also an account of the alteration that he did indeed make in the spiritual universe through his teachings. No dry-as-dust narrative of the mundane ‘facts,’ but a remarkable tale of the realm of holy ‘fact’ in which Yogi Ramsuratkumar lived and in which he radiated ferocious grace."
—Jay Martin, Ph.D., professor of Government and Humanities, Claremont McKenna College, Claremont, California. Author: Always Merry and Bright: The Life of Henry Miller, and The Education of John Dewey: A Biography.

"Yogiji’s essence seems to radiate from the pages of this book like perfume from a lotus flower, calling us, reminding us, forever saying: ‘Only God, only God, only God . . .’ It was a great pleasure reading the life of Yogi Ramsuratkumar. I feel that I’ve gained a new friend. And what an amazing friend this holy beggar is!"
—Jai Uttal world-music pioneer, devotional singer, composer and performer; albums include, Shiva Station and Grammy-nominated Mondo Rama. See www.jaiuttal.com

"A masterpiece of hagiography, as penetrating, insightful and enlightening as the greatest of comparable works. There is hardly a reader, whether or not they are aware of Yogi Ramsuratkumar, who will not benefit immeasurably from reading this erudite, glorious and often balefully evocative account of a life lived solely for the Divine. A book that embraces both mind and heart in service of the spirit, Only God is a pure unalloyed joy to read."
—Paul William Roberts, journalist (Globe and Mail, Toronto) and author, Empire of the Soul: Travels in India and War Against Truth: Behind the Lines in the Invasion of Iraq.

For Wellness Workbook

Wellness Workbook integrate physical health with feeling well, which is no small task. Our emotions, attitudes, and beliefs play critical roles in wellbeing. In recognizing this fact, Wellness Workbook offers down-to-earth practical approaches to help us enjoy our lives and our good healthy. If living well is your goal—and it should be—this book is a must-have."
—Dean Edell, M.D., author of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Healthiness.

"One of the great paradoxes of our high-tech age is that good health fundamentally depends on simple, practical things—things we can and must do for ourselves. Wellness Workbook has brought home this truth to hundreds of thousands of individuals around the world. This new edition remains a clarion call for total health: wellness of body, mind, and spirit."
—Larry Dossey, M.D., author of Healing Beyond the Body and Reinventing Medicine.

Without a doubt, Wellness Workbook is the most valuable and useful resource on wellness ever written. It has often been said that there is, unfortunately, no manual for living—but this well-loved book comes pretty close."
—Meg Jordan, Ph.D., R.N., Global medicine hunter, and editor and founder of American Fitness magazine.

For After Surgery, Illness or Trauma

"This book fills an important void between what the health care provider is able to offer and what each recovering person must learn to do for him/herself."
—Richard Moss, M.D., author How Shall I Live?

"Reading this book is like having a most welcome visit from an interested, intelligent, and caring friend. Its positive, commonsense approach strongly empowers the recuperating person to regain personal control for self-healing. I highly recommend it to those who are recovering from illness or trauma, and to professionals in the health field."
—Dolores Krieger, Ph.D., R.N., author The Therapeutic Touch

"Regina encourages an approach of compassion and self-forgiveness; her emphasis on recovery from surgery and illness as a type of loss that brings on the grief process is an important consideration. This book provides the solid, practical help that everybody needs during recuperation; it is filled with a vitality that will infuse readers with renewed energy and inspiration."
—John W. Travis, M.D., from the Foreword.

"An empowering, health-active guide to many complex aspects of illness and recovery¾including some that doctors rarely acknowledge or understand. It belongs on the bookshelf next to books by Norman Cousins and Bernie Siegel. The perfect gift for an ailing friend. Highly recommended."
—Tom Ferguson, M.D., author, Health Online; editor and publisher, The Ferguson Report: The Newsletter


For Breastfeeding: Your Priceless Gift to Your Baby and Yoursel

"What if deciding to breastfeed was one of the most significant decisions a woman could make in her life––socially, politically, personally? What if that choice impacted the future life and health of her child, her own health, and the health of the planet?  This book clarifies how and supports women in making that choice intelligently."
—Meryn Callander, president: Alliance for Transforming the Lives of Children.
—John W. Travis, MD, MPH, co-author of the Wellness Workbook, and co-founder of Alliance for Transforming the Lives of Children.

"Exquisite photos, each worth a thousand words, paired with to-the-point benefits summarizing the emotional and physical benefits of breastfeeding for mother, baby, family, and society… Sums up the reasons why mothers should choose to breastfeed and also provides encouragement to those wanting to continue breastfeeding through challenging times. Concise and visually enjoyable, it will be available as ‘required’ reading in my practice."
—Denise Punger, MD, FAAFP, IBCLC, private practice, Saint Lucie County, Florida.

"A sweet, simple presentation of twenty diverse and compelling evidence-based reasons why breast is best. Great book for encouraging more moms to breastfeed."
—Peggy O’Mara, Editor and Publisher, Mothering Magazine.