8 Radical Moves to Get Beyond "Never Good Enough"

An invitation for women of all ages to confront the "Never Good Enough" – a common subtext of modern life that undermines their appreciation of inherent beauty and goodness. Together with Shinay Tredeau, Regina recommends 8 Radical Moves, to take alone or in the company of other women, to meet this challenge, and thereby sustain and deepen this commitment to self-understanding and compassion. Filled with dozens of personal stories and practical wisdom, Women Challenge the Lie is ideal for women’s groups and book clubs; yoga teachers and students; mothers and daughters; caring friends and sisters; and for readers of the author’s previous books. Co-author Shinay Tredeau is a yoga teacher, lifestyle coach, dancer and emerging writer is a “millennial.” Together, they bring a synergy of years in contemplative spiritual practice and dynamic body discipline to this vital subject. Their message is addressed to their sisters, mothers, friends and students, of all ages, and to any who suffer from the dis-ease of self-hatred in some form.

Radical Reliance on God

The newly revised edition of Praying Dangerously: Radical Reliance on God instructs us that we can grow up spiritually, leaving behind a childish relationship to prayer as a superstitious ritual or mere plea for favors. It encourages readers to recognize the difference between prayer that asks only for reassurance, and prayer that asks for the Ultimate, and stands for transformation. We can cease being “victims” of God’s Will, while at the same time embracing genuine surrender and reliance on the irrefutable power of love.

Readers of the first edition (published in 2001) were enthusiastic in their praise, calling it a brave and useful book. And the message of the book is more relevant now than it was 10 years ago.

The insecurities of our times draw us inward or back to our churches. In prayer groups and retreats of all kinds we are looking for comfort and consolation, for spiritual direction, or for answers to the eternal questions that have always challenged humanity. This book is a valued contribution in that search.

This newly released 10th anniversary edition is fully revised, with new material including a chapter called “Praying on the Subway” (see excerpt below) about how our generally busy and often chaotic lives can provide us with a constant impetus for blessing others.

Topics considered include

  • The distinction of translational vs. transformational prayer
  • Praying “for” others vs. praying “with” others
  • The use of writing as a means of deepening one’s prayer life
  • People of dangerous prayer
  • 10 dangerous prayers, like “Thy will be done”
  • Working with the mind and emotions.

Interview with Regina

Make a pilgrimage from out there" to "in here."

The inner life is the intrinsic spiritual dimension of existence. To "ignite" it is to make a pilgrimage within—to move from "out there" to "in here" in the orientation of life, work, choices and relationships. This book is directed to those with a focus on spirituality, self-understanding, contemplative prayer, God, or the awakening of the heart's knowledge, regardless of the religious tradition they follow. Every major religious or spiritual tradition contains recommendations for building and maintaining an inner life––through silence and solitude, through prayer, mantra and ritual, through sacred reading and contemplation, through poetry, nature and symbolism. This book is designed to remind us of what we know about the life of our souls, and yet easily forget in the busyness of contemporary life. We can stop and slow down; we can move quickly and work hard while still maintaining our sense of self, our clear intention; we can bless others rather than judge them; we can practice seeing ourselves more clearly and build a foundation of self-appreciation and forgiveness.
Igniting the Inner Life will serve as a welcome friend to any pilgrim who wants to move deeper within. It will encourage long term but weary travelers to take that next step, and point out common detours or dead ends along this interior highway. Each chapter contains one or more contemporary poems to uplift the reader. The book concludes with suggested practices and prayers to rekindle the heart's intentions.

"What if my life were forever reinterpreted as pilgrimage? What if I chose, deliberately, to pare down my necessities in order to travel with fewer encumbrances? What if I chose traveling companions from among those I knew would keep me awake and alert because of their good spirit and their dedication? What if I honored my companions because they had promised to walk the path, whether they stumbled along or not, or even whether they liked the particular scenery or not? What if I looked at everything that happened to me along the way as being a potential gift, and grace, and miracle, and instruction in the tenderizing of the heart? Ah, what then!"

Feminine Wisdom for Spiritual Life

Through the stories and insights of great women whom the author has met or been guided by in her own journey, this book highlights many faces of the Divine Feminine: the silence, the solitude, the service, the power, the compassion, the art, the darkness, the sexuality.

A Biography of Yogi Ramsuratkumar

This powerful biography introduces the life and teaching work of the contemporary beggar-saint Yogi Ramsuratkumar (1918-2001) who lived on the streets of Tiruvannamalai, India. “Only God” was his creed, and his approach to everyday life. An inspiring mix of storytelling, interviews and fact-finding.

Your Priceless Gift to Your Baby and Yourself

BREASTFEEDING: Your Priceless Gift to Your Baby and Yourself with Deborah Auletta, RN, IBCLCThis books pleads a compelling case for breastfeeding, with gorgeous and captivating photos, highlighted by text that details 20 reasons why “breast is best.” Up-to-date research backs each reason.


A practical resource for men or women grieving over the loss of a relationship with a child. Offers step-by-step guidance through the stories of those who have used their pain to grow into a deeper connection to truth, life, or God.

10 Practical Steps to Renewed Energy and Health

This book fills the important need of helping us survive and even thrive through our necessary “down-time” in recuperating from surgery, trauma, or illness. Whether you are recovering at home or in the hospital for a few days, weeks, or even months, this book will be your guide to a more balanced and even productive recovery. 

How to Achieve Enduring Health and Vitality

The 12 interconnected elements of the Wellness Energy System presented here affect all aspects of your life: your disposition toward injury and illness, your relationships, your general level of happiness. Thoroughly revised, the new Wellness Workbook presents a comprehensive self-assessment and hundreds of exercises and ideas to help you take control of your health.